Идиомы на букву I

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  • in bad/poor taste
    грубый, вульгарный, плохого вкуса
    "I wish you would stop telling me your jokes; they are in poor taste."
  • in between
    между двумя (вещами, состояниями)
    Lorna was in between two jobs at present.
  • in black and white
    письменно, "чёрным по белому"
    Sofia prefers to get the information in black and white before she goes to the job interview.
  • in bloom/blossom
    быть в цвету (о дереве, цветах)
    Trees and flowers are in bloom in spring.
  • in brief
    The teacher explained in brief what homework the students were supposed to do.
  • in broad daylight
    белым днём
    Seen now in broad daylight, Jane looked tall, fair and shapely.
  • in bulk
    в большом количестве
    The cafe usually buys food and drinks in bulk.
  • in cahoots with (someone)
    в сговоре с кем-либо
    The owner of the land was in cahoots with Olaf Svenson in order to keep their deal hush-hush.
  • in care of (someone)
    послать на чьё–либо имя корреспонденцию для другого лица
    "I will send you a letter in care of your parents. O.K?"
  • in case/in case of
    в случае если; как мера предосторожности
    In case of theft, you should always keep your car in the garage.
  • in character
    соответствующий положению или характеру, типичный
    Gregory's words are entirely in character with his actions.
  • in charge of (someone or something)
    быть ответственным за кого-либо \ что-либо
    The man in charge of the job admitted that they hadn't left a gap in the fence to get their truck out.
  • in charge of something
    быть ответственным за что-либо
    The man in charge of the job said that they had forgotten to leave a gap in the fence.
  • in check
    под контролем
    The fire was kept in check by the firefighters.
  • in clover
    богатый или успешный, ведущий приятную жизнь
    Having won a million dollars in a state lottery, Monica and her husband were in clover.
  • in cold blood
    The criminal murdered several people in cold blood.
  • in common
    (иметь) общее
    "What do you have in common with those guys, I wonder?"
  • in concert (with someone)
    с помощью кого-либо, во взаимодействии с кем-либо
    They decided to make the presentation in concert with the students of another grade.
  • in consequence of (something)
    в результате
    I failed my exams in Math and Physics and in consequence of it I'll have to repeat the year.
  • in consideration of (something)
    с учётом чего-либо
    In consideration of the amount of work I have to do I think I should charge more money for my services.
  • in contempt of court
    неуважение к суду
    George Croft was found to be in contempt of court because he had been rude to the judge.
  • in custody of (someone or something)
    под чьим-либо присмотром, под охраной
    Alan was mentally sick that's why he was placed in custody of the mental hospital.
  • in debt
    в долгу
    Derek was heavily in debt, but he had no money to pay his debt.
  • in deep
    запутавшийся, растерянный
    Wanda was in deep because she hadn't saved enough money to pay for the house and the furniture.
  • in deep water
    в трудной ситуации
    I am in deep water because of my problems at work.
  • in defiance of (someone or something)
    открытое неповиновение кому-либо \ чему-либо
    The man was in defiance of the court order as he didn't want to pay the fine.
  • in denial
    отказываться верить
    The woman was in denial about the fact that her husband had filed for a divorce.
  • in detail
    в деталях
    "Please, tell me in detail what has happened to you."
  • in disguise
    изменять внешность, переодеваться
    George looked like a clown in disguise.
  • in dispute
    подвергать сомнению, выступать против
    I looked through the contract and saw that some parts of it are in dispute.
  • in drag
    носить одежду противоположного пола
    When I entered the cafe, I was shocked to see so many men in drag.
  • in due course
    в своё время
    "You will receive the instructions in due course."
  • in Dutch (with someone)
    в ссоре с кем-либо, в немилости
    The student was in Dutch with his teacher for missing classes.
  • in earnest
    серьёзно, искренне
    "Is Frieda in earnest about resigning from her job?"
  • in effect
    в действии
    This law has been in effect for many years.