Идиомы на букву I

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  • it takes two to tango
    делить ответственность на двоих, оба виноваты
    It takes two to tango, so Peter and Nick are both responsible for the damage of the car.
  • in the soup
    в тяжелом, затруднительном положении
    Charles might be in the soup because he had a big fight with one of the managers.
  • in two minds about (something)
    колебаться, быть в нерешительности из-за чего-либо
    I am in two minds about changing my present job.
  • in the doghouse
    (быть) в немилости, иметь неприятности
    Alice was in the doghouse with her boy friend because she had let him down.
  • in a fog (haze)
    растерянный, в замешательстве
    When Anna told me the sad news, I found myself in a fog; I was thoroughly confused.
  • icing on the cake
    что-либо, улучшающее ситуацию
    We were able to buy a spacious house and the fact was the icing on the cake.
  • in black and white
    письменно, "чёрным по белому"
    Sofia prefers to get the information in black and white before she goes to the job interview.
  • in the nick of time
    как раз во время, в самый последний момент
    The child was nearly drowned; he was saved just in the nick of time.
  • in a pickle/in a pretty pickle
    в полном беспорядке, "всё вверх дном", в плачевном состоянии
    The one in a pickle is the one to tickle.
  • in the public eye
    в центре внимания, на виду
    The politician has been in the public eye since he was involved in a fraud.
  • in (someone's) black books
    быть в немилости у кого-либо
    Mr. Blackberry has been in his wife's black books since he started to come home late.
  • in one's element
    подходить для чего-либо; "быть в своей тарелке"
    Valarie seems to be in her element, working in a drug store.
  • if the shoe fits wear it
    принимать замечание на свой счёт, "на воре шапка горит"
    Ann was mortally offended by my harmless remark. I looked at her and said that if the shoe fits, wear it.
  • in a pig's eye
    ни коим образом, никогда
    "Would I marry Tom? In a pig's eye!"
  • in the red
    не получать прибыль, терять деньги
    The firm was not thriving; they were in the red for several years.
  • in a jam
    в трудном положении
    He found himself in a jam when he had lost his job.
  • in a nutshell
    "I'd like you to tell me your problem in a nutshell."
  • in the twinkling of an eye
    очень быстро, "в мгновение ока"
    We gathered our belongings in the twinkling of an eye and went off running with the best will in the world.
  • in the pink (of condition)
    в расцвете сил, в превосходном состоянии
    Fred was in the pink and was doing quite well.
  • in the black
    получать прибыль, иметь кредитовый баланс
    The company, where I work, has been in the black for several years now.
  • in pen
    (писать) пером
    It is necessary to fill in documents in pen but not in pencil.
  • in the same boat
    в одинаковой ситуации; "в одной лодке"
    They all found themselves in the same boat after their company had gone bankrupt.
  • in one's mind's eye
    мысленно, в чьём-либо воображении
    Several times he played the game "in his mind's eye" and in each case he lost.
  • iron fist in a velvet glove
    суровость, прикрываемая любезностью, "железная рука в бархатной перчатке"
    The government officials used an iron fist in a velvet glove to settle the conflict.
  • in cold blood
    The criminal murdered several people in cold blood.
  • in the ballpark
    (быть) в сфере деятельности или финансового положения
    Sam decided not to sell his business as the value of it was not in the ballpark as what he had been offered.
  • in pencil
    I wrote the exam in pencil in case I wanted to change some of the answers.
  • in two shakes of a lamb's tail
    очень быстро
    "Please, wait for me. I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail."
  • in (someone's) shoes
    на чьём-либо месте
    "If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same."
  • in a stew about/over (someone or something)
    волноваться, беспокоиться о ком-либо \ о чём-либо; "быть как на иголках"
    Sam's mother was in a stew about her son because he wasn't doing very well at school.
  • in one's blood
    (быть) в крови у кого-либо
    Traveling is in the man's blood; he has visited about thirty countries already.
  • in the middle of nowhere
    в очень отдалённом \ глухом месте
    Linda and her husband live in the middle of nowhere.
  • in single file
    стоять в ряд друг за другом
    The people lined up in single file before they entered the auditorium to watch a new film.
  • Ivy League
    небольшая группа наиболее престижных университетов
    Ivy League school is a small group of famous eastern United States universities such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton.
  • if worst comes to worst
    в худшем случае, на худой конец
    Even if worst comes to worst, she has got enough to live on for six months at least.