Идиомы на букву I

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  • in a bad way
    в плохом \ критическом состоянии
    He was still in a bad way after the operation.
  • in a family way
    быть беременной, ожидать ребёнка
    Vivian usually said delicately that she was in a family way when she had to mention such matters.
  • in a way
    в некотором смысле, до известной степени
    He was a big, strong man, and many women must have liked him. Sarah liked him too, in a way.
  • in the way of (something)
    в виде, в качестве чего-либо
    Kim was given a certain sum of money in the way of compensating for extra work hours.
  • in the worst way
    очень, крайне, чрезвычайно
    Cora would like to see the new performance in the worst way.