Идиомы на букву I

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  • in essence
    в своей основе, в сущности
    Mark is not a bad man in essence, but he is difficult to deal with.
  • in exchange for (someone or something)
    в обмен на кого-либо \ чего-либо
    The boy received a toy train in exchange for a toy car.
  • in existence
    The city park has been in existence for ten years.
  • in fact
    In fact he was one of the most influential men in his country.
  • in fashion
    быть в моде
    Dilute colors are always in fashion.
  • in favor of (someone or something)
    поддерживать, высказываться в пользу чего-либо или относиться одобрительно
    They were in favor of my project.
  • in fine feather
    в хорошем расположении духа
    My cousin is in fine feather today as if he had won a million dollars in a state lottery.
  • in flight
    в полёте, во время полёта
    The stewardess served foods and drinks while we were in flight.
  • in flux
    в постоянном изменении, меняющийся
    The situation has been in flux for some time now.
  • in for (something)
    не в состоянии обойти что-либо (неприятности)
    I am in for a lot of trouble now as I was unable to pay my bank loan.
  • in force
    (придти) очень большой группой \ толпами
    The fans came out in force to cheer for their favorite pop singer.
  • in full swing
    в самом разгаре
    The party was in full swing when Dana and Samantha appeared.
  • in general
    в основном
    In general, Willy prefers to go out with his girl friend only on the weekends.
  • in good conscience
    иметь хорошие намерения, с чистой совестью
    "I cannot in good conscience believe you."
  • in good faith
    честно, добросовестно, искренне
    Wendi acted in good faith when she gave me that piece of advice.
  • in good hands
    (быть) в надёжном месте или в хороших руках
    All of the office computers were in good hands of computer programmers.
  • in good repair
    в исправном состоянии
    My uncle has a big collection of clocks and all of them are in good repair.
  • in good shape/condition
    в хорошем состоянии
    Though my computer was still in good shape I decided to buy a new one.
  • in good spirits
    в хорошем настроении
    I have been in good spirits since morning.
  • in good time
    вовремя, в нужный момент; заранее, заблаговременно
    "You will know what's this all about in good time."
  • in good with (someone)
    быть благосклонным к кому-то
    My friend is in good with her French instructor.
  • in great demand
    пользоваться большим спросом
    Skilled workers are always in great demand.
  • in hand
    (иметь) при себе
    I wanted to buy a pair of skis, but I didn't have enough cash in hand.
  • in heaven
    быть на небесах от счастья
    Rick proposed marriage to Marilynn and she was in heaven.
  • in high gear
    на полной скорости, полным ходом (о приготовлениях)
    The preparations for his parents visit were in high gear when they called that they couldn't come.
  • in hindsight
    задним числом
    In hindsight, he was determined to tell the truth.
  • in hock
    в ломбарде
    I was short of money so I had to put my mink coat in hock to get some money.
  • in honor of (someone or something)
    в честь кого-либо \ чего-либо
    They gave the dinner in honor of the President of the firm.
  • in hopes of (something)
    в надежде, ожидании чего-либо
    Ivan applied for a good job in hopes of earning a lot of money.
  • in horror
    в ужасе
    The fire in the building was going strong, and the people watched it in horror.
  • in hot water
    иметь неприятности
    Hob was in hot water at work because he had exceeded the budget limit.
  • in ink
    (писать) чернилами
    Documents can't be written in pencil; they must always be written in ink.
  • in its entirety
    полностью, в целом
    I watched the film in its entirety although it was not very difficult.
  • in jeopardy
    быть в опасности, рисковать
    Not only Nell's business her whole life was in jeopardy.
  • in keeping with (something)
    в соответствии с чем-либо
    In keeping with the rules the people are to leave the building as soon as the fire alarm rings.