Идиомы на букву K

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  • know-how
    знания и навыки
    She is a skilled teacher and has a lot of know-how about how to explain new material to her students.
  • know-it-all
    Jacob is a know-it-all that's why I don't think much of him.
  • known fact
    известный факт
    It is a known fact that it's better to do well than to say well.
  • known quantity
    известная величина
    The new teacher is a known quantity in the school because she worked here before.
  • knuckle down (to something)
    решительно приняться за дело, приступить
    "It's high time you started work: knuckle down!"
  • knuckle under
    уступить, подчиниться
    Sabina had promised to herself never to knuckle under to her husband's family.
  • KO
    Knockout - нокаут
    Jeremy is a very good boxer and he won the match in the second round by a KO.