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  • knock (someone or something) out
    нокаутировать кого-либо; сделать что-либо не пригодным для дальнейшего использования
    The storm on the sea was so strong that it knocked a few boats out.
  • knock (someone's) block off
    дать кому-либо по башке
    Gordon became furious and threatened to knock my block off.
  • knock (someone) around
    дурно обращаться с кем-либо
    "You have been knocking me around long enough. I want to put an end to it."
  • knock (someone) dead
    произвести сногшибательное впечатление
    "This man had eyes only for me. I sure knocked him dead," said Mandy.
  • knock (someone) down (to size)
    делать кого-либо более скромным, смеренным
    I don't know what helped to knock Steve down to size, but I must say he is more humble now.
  • knock (someone) off
    убить кого-либо
    Several people were knocked off in the bank robbery last week.
  • knock (someone) off their feet
    сильно удивить кого-либо, "свалить с ног"
    When my best friend announced that she was going to marry my ex-boyfriend, the news knocked me off my feet.
  • knock (someone) over with a feather
    очень удивить кого-либо
    You could have knocked me over with a feather when you told me Sam was going to immigrate to Canada.
  • knock (something) off
    сделать наспех, "состряпать"
    He knocked off a leading article in half an hour.
  • knock about
    путешествовать, бродить, где захочется; рыскать по свету
    His plan was to go to India and knock about for a couple of months.
  • knock down the price of (something)
    снизить цену на что-либо
    Steve bargained hard and was able to knock down the price of the computer.
  • Knock it off!
    "Please knock it off! Leave that knife alone or you may cut your finger."
  • knock off work
    закончить (дневную) работу
    They decided to knock off work early so that they could go to a baseball game.
  • knock on wood
    постучать по дереву (чтобы повезло)
    I hope to be able to find a well-paid job. - Knock on wood!
  • knock one's head against the wall
    тратить время, пытаясь безуспешно сделать что-либо
    I've been knocking my head against the wall for a week, trying to write a good essay.
  • knock oneself out
    делать значительное усилие
    "Don't try to knock yourself out for you are not able to fulfill this task."
  • knock some heads together
    ругать, распекать
    The manager decided that he would have to knock some heads together if he wanted to get the work done properly.
  • knock the props out from under (someone)
    разрушить доверие к кому-либо; выбить почву из-под ног
    "You knock the props out from under me when you criticize my work."
  • knock-down-drag-out fight
    отчаянная драка или спор
    Their knock-down-drag-out fight lasted for half an hour.