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  • up-and-coming
    новый, премьерный (о фильме, писателе, певце и т.д.)
    Previews of up-and-coming movies are usually shown before a feature film.
  • up-to-date
    современный, новейший
    I would like to buy an up-to-date dictionary of American idioms.
  • up-to-the-minute
    самая последняя (информация)
    The pilot asked for the up-to-the-minute weather report before the flight.
  • upper crust
    сливки общества
    The rich and famous people are often called the upper crust of society.
  • upper hand
    (иметь) преимущество, контроль
    Now that Mike became the chief executive, he has the upper hand in all the undertakings in the company.
  • ups and downs
    взлёт и падение
    Mr. Sanford is now a wealthy man, but at the beginning of his career he had many ups and downs.
  • upset the applecart
    нарушить планы, спутать все карты
    They were enjoying themselves at the party until Kelly came and upset the applecart.
  • upshot of (something)
    результат, исход чего-либо
    The upshot of their sea expedition was that they were able to discover previously unknown sea species.
  • uptight
    встревоженный, взволнованный, нервничающий
    "Why is Liz so uptight about getting that job? The more she worries, the less she will succeed."
  • use (someone or something) as an excuse
    использовать что-либо в качестве оправдания, винить кого-либо
    The students often use traffic jams as an excuse not to come to class in time.
  • use every trick in the book
    использовать всевозможные приёмы
    I am going to use every trick in the book to get rid of my headaches.
  • use one's head/noggin/noodle
    подумать, пошевелить мозгами
    "If you don't remember who has told you about it, then use your head and try to call it to mind."
  • use some elbow grease
    делать какое-либо усилие
    The car was awfully dirty, and I used some elbow grease to clean it.
  • use strong language
    ругаться, браниться
    Never try to use strong language in the conversation with your juniors.
  • use up
    полностью использовать, истощить
    Jake seemed to have used up his small stock of courage.
  • used to
    After Felix's eyes became used to the dim light in the barn, he saw an old basket on the floor.
  • UV
    Ultraviolet - ультрафиолет
    Too much of UV rays are harmful for your health.