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  • university of life
    жизненный университет (знания, получаемые в повседневной жизни и труде)
    'University of life' is learning from daily life and work rather than getting higher education.
  • unknown quantity
    непредсказуемая (личность)
    The new footballer was still an unknown quantity for the coach; he didn't know how good he was in the game.
  • unrequited love
    любовь без взаимности
    Sarah was deeply in love with Jack, but unfortunately it was a case of unrequited love.
  • until all hours (of the day or night)
    Jordan was so anxious to pass his exams with flying colors that he stayed up studying until all hours.
  • until hell freezes over
    бесконечно, до скончания века
    John is fond of dispute; he can argue until hell freezes over.
  • until the cows come home
    бесконечно долго, допоздна
    We are going to throw a New Year's party and stay up until the cows come home.
  • up a blind alley
    в тупике
    Fisher found himself up a blind alley when he was investigating the murder.
  • up against
    наталкиваться на трудности, препятствия, неприятности
    Dorothy was up against it because she hadn't passed her test in Math.
  • up against (something)
    близко от чего-либо
    My father placed the ladder up against the wall of the house.
  • up and about
    быть на ногах, выздороветь (после болезни)
    My cousin has undergone a serious operation, but now she is up and about again.
  • up and around
    встать с постели и начать что-либо делать
    I am feeling tired because I have been up and around since five o'clock in the morning.
  • up and at 'em/them
    энергично взяться за дело
    Samuel is a diligent worker; he is up and at them like no one else I know.
  • up and away
    улететь, умчаться
    My friend got on the airplane and was up and away before I could say Jack Robinson.
  • up for (something)
    (делать что-либо) с энтузиазмом, с увлечением
    The children were up for the final basketball game of the season.
  • up for grabs
    доступный (для любого)
    When the captain of the basketball team moved to another town, his place was up for grabs.
  • up front
    честный, откровенный, искренний
    Martha was absolutely up front about why she didn't want to date Collin anymore.
  • up in arms
    быть готовым к борьбе, сопротивлению
    The students are up in arms over the new rule against parties in the dorm.
  • up in the air (about something)
    нерешённый вопрос, неопределённость
    It is still up in the air about our trip to Japan.
  • up in years
    старый, преклонных лет
    My grandfather is up in years, but he is still full of vigor.
  • up one's alley
    то, что нравиться
    Designing clothes is right up Mary's alley and she is very good at it.
  • up one's sleeve
    держать что-либо в тайне (до поры до времени)
    Derek knew that his friend had some trick up his sleeve because he was smiling to himself during their conversation.
  • up the ante
    повысить ставки
    The artist seems to up the ante when he refused to sell his pictures very cheap.
  • up the creek
    быть в беде
    Sara will be up the creek if she doesn't pass the test in French.
  • up the river/creek with no paddle
    оказаться в безвыходной ситуации
    Mike said that if the car ran out of gas in the middle of the desert, they would be up the creek with no paddle.
  • up to
    быть до (какого-либо предела)
    The water in the river was just up to my knees.
  • up to (someone) to decide/do (something)
    (кому-либо самому) решать что делать
    It is up to you to decide whether to take the puppy home or leave it in the animal shelter.
  • up to (something)
    замышлять что-либо
    I was sure Jerome was up to some shady activity and I wanted to check on him.
  • up to here with (someone/something)
    быть недовольным кем-либо \ чем-либо, быть сытым по горло
    I have had it up to here with my friend's constant complaints about the difficulties of life.
  • up to it/the job
    (быть) способным или подходить
    I doubt that Rick is up to it; let's not hire him to do the job.
  • up to no good
    замышлять что-либо плохое
    I was sure that the children were up to no good, because they ran away as soon as they saw me coming.
  • up to one's chin in (something)
    быть занятым (под завязку) или быть вовлечённым во что-либо
    My cousin Marcia is always in debt up to her chin.
  • up to one's ears in work
    быть по уши в работе
    Around final examination time most of the university teachers are up to their ears in work.
  • up to one's ears/eyeballs/neck in (something)
    быть по уши в чём-либо
    Around final examination time most of the university teachers are up to their ears in work.
  • up to par
    в нормальном состоянии
    I have a splitting headache and I don't feel up to par.
  • up until
    до тех пор
    I was at home up until the children came home from school.