Идиомы на букву V

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  • vanish into thin air
    исчезнуть, раствориться в воздухе
    Joe's new camera just vanished into thin air and was never seen again.
  • variety is the spice of life
    разнообразие придаёт остроту жизни
    It is true that variety is the spice of life and people enjoy doing different things in their spare time.
  • VCR
    Video Cassette Recorder - видеомагнитофон
    There is a VCR in our family room and we often use it.
  • VDU
    Video Display Unit - устройство визуального отображения, дисплей
    My VDU began to cause problems, so I had to buy a new one.
  • vent one's spleen
    избавиться от раздражения или злобы
    I am very angry at the manager's suggestion to transfer me to another department and I haven't been able to vent my spleen so far.
  • verge on (something)
    граничить с чем-либо
    The flood may verge on becoming a real disaster if the water rises a few more meters.
  • very last
    самый последний
    I was lucky to have bought the very last tickets to the show.
  • very thing
    то, что надо
    A couple of rugs is the very thing that I need to make my den comfortable.
  • very well
    очень хорошо
    "Very well, I will do as you say."
  • VHF
    Very High Frequency - очень высокая частота
    The DVD wasn't working properly because of a problem with the VHF connection.
  • vicarious liability
    ответственность одного лица за поступки другого
    It was a case of vicarious liability when the boy's parents were charged because of his wrong doing.
  • vicious circle
    заколдованный круг, порочный круг
    Jane takes a lot of medicine to cure her asthma; I am afraid she might develop another illness from the medicine and will thus be caught in a vicious circle.
  • vim and vigor
    настойчивость, сила и энергия
    My Grandfather is over seventy, but he is still full of vim and vigor.
  • VIP
    Very Important Person - очень важная персона
    There is special room at the airport for VIP passengers.
  • vote down
    отклонить что-либо при голосовании
    The question of opening a casino was raised and was immediately voted down.
  • vote of confidence
    вотум доверия
    This political party received a vote of confidence and everyone saw that it still had the majority's support.
  • vote of thanks
    благодарственная речь, адресованная оратору или организатору
    Mr. Sash proposed a vote of thanks to the principal speaker.
  • vote with one's feet
    уйти, таким образом показать свою антипатию; "проголосовать ногами"
    The lecture was boring and some of the students voted with their feet.
  • VP
    Vice-President - вице-президент
    Dick Chaney served faithfully as VP for many years.
  • VTR
    Video Tape Recorder-видеомагнитофон
    Since a VTR was installed in the classroom we have been using it at the lessons.