The Mortitian arrived at the Mortuary one morning...

The Mortitian arrived at the Mortuary one morning and was aproached by his assistant. "Anything interesting happen over-night", asked the mortitian. "Yes", replied the assistant, "The most gorgeous 18 year-old blond came in last night. Dead of course" "What was the cause of death", enquired the mortition. "I'm not sure",replied the assistant. "But she's got a Prawn stuck up her cunt!" "Are you sure?", said the Mortitian. "Yes, come and have a look for yourself" ,said the assistant opening the body bag. The mortitian closely examined the beautifuly trimmed snatch. "That's not a prawn you stupid wanker", he responded, "That's her clitoris" "Are you sure?", said the assisitant, "'Cuz it certainly tasted like a prawn".


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