A man and a woman got married, and he told her : " since you are my wife you should respect my traditions and habits...and i have 3 traditions. So, first tradition:
on wednesdays i play football with my matter what..whether it snows or it rains...i dont care..i play football!!
-Is it clear for you?, -husband asks his wife
-yes sure, she answers
So, the second tradition...on fridays i play poker with my friends, no mater what, i play poker!!
-is it clear for you? - he asks
- yes, sure, - she answers.
The third tradition...on sundays i go fishing, no matter what, i go fishing...whether it snows or it rains...i go fishing!!!
- Is it clear for you? - he asks
- yes, sure, she answers.
-Any objections? -he asks
-no, i understand, - his wife answers.
- Maybe you have your own traditions ?- he asks.
She thought for a while and said: "well, i have, but only one...every night at 10 p.m. i have sex...whether i have my husband beside me, or i dont have ...i dont care..i have sex!!!!

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