Ending Our Days

текст песни Afterworld

The day we have been waiting for so long is finally at hand.
Waiting of this better day is now over.
But as it seems this day turns to a disaster...

Final day is closing in, there is no way we can hide
It's time to run, it's time to go, put everything aside
For too long time we've been waiting for this glorious moment to come
Now it seems to be out of our hands

No more pain, no more lies, holy shining light above your eyes
No more day no more night, darkness steps aside and there's the light

Everything I've always known has turned into something else
Hard to see it's ending our days, illusion fading away..

No ones fault you're on your own? Hard to describe what you feel.
Not a clue what to do, there's nothing we could seal.

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