Second Chance

текст песни Afterworld

Sometimes the life can be cruel and hard.
You feel that you lack the strength and ability to go on.
As the time has done its healing process you can admit that the issues
you found very painful were in fact meant to happen.
Fortunately people and things do change.

So many years ago, things went just too much wrong
There was no way to survive...
Feelings tearing too much, slowly running out of touch
And you are in a position of no return

But after years went by it's easier to analyse
The details that were causing so much pain

Trying to know what is right, withdraw without a fight
Soon the madness is knocking on your door...
Loosing the grip of the trust, seeing just too much dust
Surrounding you and mixing your head...

After the years it's so glamorous to find
Everything, seeing that you have been blind
After the years without losing your mind,
you can get the second chance

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