Turn Of The Century

текст песни Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

There'll be flying boats, and condos with moats;
cultivated oceans, floating cities in the sky.
living underneath a bubble;
no more toil and trouble
Singin' 'bout that sweet ole by and by.

We'll all have lots of money
That we won't have to spend;
You'll be given everything
When everyone's your friend
Hanging out together
in picture perfect weather -
This time 'round the party never ends.

Hallelujah, I can't wait to see it
Hallelujah, come on and go with me
Let me show you the way it's gonna be
at the turn,
the turn of the century.

We won't need no TV preachers
to ask how much we gave
we won't need no TV preachers,
see, by then, we'll all be saved
no more fighting for a country

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