Workin' Man

текст песни Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

ittin' alone in the dark,
Wastin' my time in a park
'cause I've got nowhere to go.
Had me a job til the market fell out,
Tried hard to borrow but there was no help
Now I've got nowhere to go.

I need a job for these two hands
I'm a workin' man
With nowhere to go

One last look at my land
Auctioneer with his gavel in hand
and he says ";it's got to go.";
Worked this peice all my life
it broke my heart and it took my wife
Now I've got nothing to show

I need a job for these two hands
I'm a workin' man
with nowhere to go

Wandered aimless in the city
with my dirt workin' boots and my old straw hat in hand
singing a song by Woody Guthrie
This land is your land; it ain't my land
I'm a workin' man, with nowhere to go

I was born to the sunrise
Breaking back all day
Now I've got something to say
I am broke but not broken
and I am not alone
cause there's a lot of folks

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