текст песни Overkill

Ooo...they sleep...

Sleeping with a time bomb,
Rumble in my dreams!
Innocence been long gone!
Fall apart at the seams.

Looking through the windows, walking through the doors,
I can't help this feeling, I been here before.
Everything is different, Everything the same,
I know the rules. I played the game!

Cry out! Tell me what its gonna be!
Reach out! Is everything the same...?
Cry out! Tell me what you really see!
Reach out!

As a coma steals my name...
Coma. coma!

Wake to an explosion,
Nothing! seemed so real!
Innocence corroding!!
Alone is all I feel.

Reaching out to no one, knowing no one's there,
Afraid to be afraid of another nameless fear,
I got all the reasons, don't need no more.
Blinded by illusions, locked behind the door!

(4 again)
An' a coma stole my name...
Coma! Coma!

Sleeping now forever,
Murdered in my dreams.
Innocence was never. never, never,
Goin' to extremes.

Busting through the windows, kickin' down the doors,
Standing up for me, never did before,
Now I lay me down to sleep, and if I die before I wake...!

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