текст песни Overkill

I'm a wartime killer, I'm a man.
I'm a peacetime killer!
Doin' the best I can.

Bless yourself with a fiery hand,
Spit on the place you stand.
Don't make amends for what you do,
Or move on your demands.
Immagination running wild!
We're all an only child...
Product of our environment,

Cut blown and styled.

I'm a wartime killer. (killer!)
I'm a man.
I'm a peacetime killer! (killer!)

Doin' the best, the best I can.

I adapt to nothing, and nothing pleases me.
I'm a loaded pistol!
Just you wait and see.

Infliction, I am here.
Infection, where do we go from here?
Inception, made it clear,
As I move into the plan...

Hey! Hey! Hey! (2x)
At birth I made a deal,
Called into the killing fields I go.
Hey! Hey! Hey!

(4 again)
Doin' the best, that I can.

(2 again)
Cut blown and sty-y-y-yled.

I'm a wartime killer. (killer!)
Ya know what I am.
I'm a peacetime killer! (killer!)

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