I Am Fear

текст песни Overkill

You point that little finger out
You got four pointing back at you
It goes evrywhere you go
Does evrything you do
he got roughed up on the inside
Screaming that this ain't fair
And in a block?? moment alone on the outside
Thought that no one cared
You want me, you need me, you have me,I'm yours
So he puts in a call to his only friend
He dials 1-800-FEAR
Then he hid his face inside his hands
You know he wasn't very clear
Said I'm roughed uo on the inside
You know that this ain't lair
And in a new york minute, he felt like a million
Cause he knew somebody cared and said
I have but anation in me for evryone to see
I am but a tribute to mediocrisy
I'm your mother,father,son
I'm a little bit of evryone
Hide in the shadow cast by the sun
In constant misery,I'm fear
You want me,youneed me,you have me,I'm yours
Yes I know you've always loved me
Call me now,between the tears
I know you put no one above me
Call me now,between the tears
I'm fear
Call me now uncover me
Watch me work,it's what I do
call me now uncover me

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