Lightning Strikes

текст песни Ozzy Osbourne

(5:14)(Daisley - Lee - Osbourne)
Won't you listen 'cos I'm at it again
Lightning striking and on that you can depend
They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice
Gods of thunder sit and watch the event.

You know I take no prisoners
My back's to the wall
You know I must be going
When destiny calls
Until I feel that thunder shattering my brain
I won't stop.

Rockin' all night rockin' all night
Until the Lightning Strikes again. (2t)

Tell your mama that you're gonna be late
But not to worry we'll just be rockin' all night
The Lightning Strikes before you hear the thunder roar
We're becoming the children of the night.

I'm not apologizing
I am what I am
There is no compromising
I don't give a damn
Until I feel the thunder boiling in my veins
I won't stop.

Oh no I've lost control
Here we go its only rock'n'roll.

The silver light is flashing
As all turns to gold
In my head voices screaming

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