текст песни Pansy Division

When i have you on my mind
I´m always lying on my back
But when we get together
I´m unhappy in the sack
Cause all my desires
And wild anticipation
Seems to wilt away
In continual frustration
Cause if you want to be serviced with a smile
You gotta reciprocate
More than every once in a while
Cause all work and no joy
Means i´ll be looking for another boy
All work and no joy
Means i´ll be going down on a different boy
Reciprocate, reciprocate
Unless you´d rather go home and masturbate
Reciprocate, reciprocate
At the dinner table
You were vegetarian
But you smiled and said that you became
A carnivore in bed
But the evidence i´ve seen
Does nothing to support that claim

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