Flooding Both Of Us

текст песни Pat McGee

As she lays downstairs in this sea of pain
I'm wondering why I lay here upstairs gone and afraid
She's hoping that I'll come downstairs to see her to bed
But tonight she's laying there crying sore-hearted instead

Don't cry baby I'm coming home tonight
I've never been lost, just feeling so alone inside
I'm gonna take us away from this stressful life
We're running out tomorrow, we got all the time
So pick me up and show me you’re so fine.

You can’t find love under this roof tonight
You can’t find love it’s not outta sight
To find one thing, you know it must have been lost
But love’s right here...Flooding both of us

Here beside me lies the most perfect thing I know
Our hours together seem like the wind’s mighty blow.
We’re looking to find all the answers that lie ahead
Lie on this quilt of so many dreams I’ve always said

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