Heavy Soul

текст песни Paul Weller

We're words upon a window
Written there in steam
In the heat of the moment
At the birth of a dream
Vapors passing really
So I'm touched by the thoughts
In the fleeting minutes after
The time that we've come
Come and go, you know, where the wind blows
An' though I couldn't define
I can only tell you that I
Got a heavy soul
Tuesdays dressed in shearling
Anchored on belief
In the sunlight on the water
Or rain upon a leaf
And I'm touched by its' beauty
And I hope to touch you too
'Cause I still seek the same things
That I once sought to be true
And you know, that where the wind blows
Tho' I wouldn't be lying, when I tell you that I
Got a heavy soul
It's a joy to know
I've got a heavy soul

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