He's The Keeper

текст песни Paul Weller

e's the keeper
Of the Lantern
Stone Believer-
It's a Passion,
And he knows it
He's the keeper
Hanging wishes
-up upon our stars
As he waits for love
Yes he waits for love.
Flying without a hand
Trying to brave the land
Something about the man
-is about to make a stand!
With nothing but liars and thieves
Trying to purchase thee,
Where are you meant to go
-But fly away - high away.
He's the one knight
On a knackered Stallion
His rusty armour-
So Undervalued,
Does he know that
He's a reason,
He's asleep now
But never gone,
As he waits for love,
Yes he waits for love-
Hanging without a cloud
Hopeing to draw a crowd
If he's willing to take a chance-
-come on people make a stance !
From tiny acorns grow-
All kinds of seekers,
And where are they meant go-
But fly away - High away

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