текст песни Pestilence

Scientists have been researching for decennaries
The possibilities of genetic manipulation
Division of cells and degrading tests
Helped them to create total perfection

Dividing kernels, control cellulation
Splitting up tissue, superior creation
Accurate punction, making dissection
Their only goal, no imperfection

Metabletica, changing cell structure
Leading to clones, rule over life and death
Nobody thinks about the wretchedness of a failure
Suppose it is terror to which they will give breath

The artificial awaken grafting is germenating
Taking the distinguishing human marks
Anatomical deformed, anthropomorphic
A monstrosity with growing pains in the dark
Yet the creature shouldn't be metabolic
De-evolution, vicious degeneration
Half man, half animal, jellish shining skin
Science's urge brought us an abstraction

Brainless, cannibalistic, threat to mankind
Who gave him life at the same time

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