Twisted Truth

текст песни Pestilence

(Music : Mameli, Uterwijk)(Lyrics: Foddis)
'Views from a twisted mind'

A God before God
Summon the demons to enter your body
Ceremonies to attain the blessing
A faith in secrecy
No respect for the weak
The victim of hypocrisy
The philosophy closen to live by
Has brought you your mortality

A reason to die
No remission of sins commited
When you were fighting the lie

Lead: Uterwijk

Actions begged to be killed
A sacrifice chosen
Laughter at the sight of the blood
That has spilled
Respond to the inclination within
A desire fulfilled
Pride, for the slaughter is done
While being thrilled
Praise who guards your soul
And for whom you have killed
Fools are the followers of masters they deify
Conversion does not save your from death, die

Twisted truth
Twisted truth

Lead: Mameli

A juvenile mind mislead
In the name of your lord you lived
Serving your death
A life full of sin, good is evil
Believing the unholy words you read

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