Blind Man, Deaf Boy

текст песни PFR (Pray For Rain)

The roof caved in
and the walls crumbled
and there i stood exposed
clutching my chest in fear
how'd i end up here
bad decisions
one right after the other
moved like waves pulled by the moon
like a puppet who's tugged on by string
like water tumbling down stream
i was lost

Chorus A
blind man, deaf boy
and the Lover of me
and were did it lead to
i fought for air as i was drowning
in that rushing stream
as the water poured over me

off the bridge i threw my heart
as if it didn't matter
i walked the edge so fearlessly
blindfolded by my lustful eyes
deafened by a string of lies
but You saw me there
in my same condition
Your eyes held me in Your stare
You gazed into my empty soul
spoke the words the burned a hole
in my heart

Chorus B
blind man, deaf boy
now see and hear
did you think that I'd not find you

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