Goldie's Last Day

текст песни PFR (Pray For Rain)

goldie! Hey goldie)

puppy love, puppy love
yes she gave all she had
not like a brother or sister more like
a mom or a dad

we never asked her
never gave her a choice
we just barked out commands
sit, stay, don't beg stop licking my hand
those days are gone now
i wish goldie could come out and play

goldie's last day, goldie's last day
if a picture paints a thousand words
there's nothing left to say
wish you could have been there for goldie's last day

she was 11 to you and me
what's that in dog years?
77, that's more than 11
she outlived her peers
the talk around town is that goldie passed away


we are confident that this incident was not an accident
(as per our investigation)

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