Mentally Insane

текст песни Postmortem (russian)

(Music and lyrics by Sergey 1995)
The diabols wheep, to loose selfcontrol
My screaming life, the sacrifice to kill
Innocent death, I am the beast again

Come out to the honour fight
I will show you the honour and brave

You are nobody, standing in front of me on the knees
You are being with your wheeping mask

Pray to nothing, I can't endure the insult
I'm killing 'cause I hate, betray is your way
I'm your great judge and the hangman
The justice will be right

Mentally insane

I'm killing again, I can't endure the return blow
Killing 'cause I hate, My way is right
The lying betray is your way

Return to the destruction
The ancient world
Returning to unknown
Unbowed reflection

Mentally insane

Coming back to unknown world
You will pay by your sins

Mentally insane
But right
Mentally insane

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