Souls Tyranny

текст песни Postmortem (russian)

(Music and lyrics by Dmitry 1994)
The world is mutilated
People are disfigured too
Powers of evil are coming
Nobody saves - that's true

Hell's force is everywhere
No clear souls
Who has created us here
Who has given birth to all

Chorus: Souls tyranny - blasphernous round
Souls tyranny - race to hell down
Souls tyranny - the sepulchral voice
Souls tyranny - no one's choice

The plot is increasing daily
In fact it bringing the win
Butcher's slash is god's dreams
Of the broadsword which he means


God's preceptions are falling
The fates of bible are cut
Now everybody is glorifying
The Satan's testament of blood

The puppets callousness is sold
And everything else to the king

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