Dirty Mind

текст песни Prince

There's something about u, baby
It happens all the time
Whenever I'm around u, baby
I get a dirty mind
It doesn't matter where we are
It doesn't matter who's around
It doesn't matter
I just wanna lay ya down
In my daddy's car
It's you I really wanna drive
But you never go too far
I may not be your kind of man
I may not be your style
But honey all I wanna do
Is just love you for a little while

If you got the time
I'll give you some money
To buy a dirty mind
Don't misunderstand me
I never fool around
But honey you got me on my knees
Won't you please let me lay ya down (down, down, down, ...)

I really get a dirty mind (mind, mind, mind, ...)
Whenever you're around
It happens to me everytime (time, time, time, ...)

You just gotta let me lay ya
Gotta let me lay ya, lay ya

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