Go It Alone

текст песни Pro-Pain

16 years of life was spent denied from being heard.
A lot's been said, but you know we meant every single word.
So, thank's to the many who've stood with us from the beginning.
I say, hey.
Way back in the day, oh at any dive we'd play.
Let's tip a glass as we toast the past.
"Go it alone, and may the rest be last to carry on."
They say times goes by like the pouring rain.
Stop and seize the day, cause when you're living in the moment, there's just no other way.
So, thanks for the love.
We hope that we did you proud.
I say, hey.
Don't waste it away, and live for today.
Let's find our little place in the song.
Go it alone, let the cares be gone, and carry on.

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