текст песни Pro-Pain

Otta control
Out of our minds
Losing our faith, faith in mankidn
It's about us
It's about time!!
It's not what you think
It's not a free state
It never once was
Isn't that great?
You're walking in step with the forces of hate
So tell me how you're proud to be American vis a vis "say can ya fuckin see"?
Identifying enemies to unify our populace for the betterment of you and me
Oh, and now it's too late
There's no turning back the nazis of hate in red, white and black
You're un-American!!!
Dow of all fours, do as you told, media whores
Mission control's spinnin' lies, sellin' soles
Torture confirmed, the mission's a mess
Laws overturned, time to protest the power elite and their special interests
A self inflicted prophecy of military supremacy for national security
Shred the Bill of Rights and then make us all feel scared again
Incriminate the poison pen
Oh, now it's too late
We're under attack from forces within to fuckin Iraq
Your un-American!!!

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