Pigs in Clover

текст песни Pro-Pain

Order through the chaos.
The end game is at hand.
Time is now of the essence
for us to take a fucking stand.
Internationalist fascist pigs
owned us from the start.
They marched us into oblivion,
instilled fear in our hearts.

CFR - like pigs in clover they are
running things with the grand ambitions of kings.

But the plot just thickened, the traps are set.
Amero's lurking while the dollar sweats.
Got umpteen choices, but the choices suck!
Put the nails in the coffin cause we all got fucked!

New world genocide,
a true sign of the times.
The sell outs and the media
have polarized our minds.
Masters of deception,
with sick and twisted goals.
Destined for damnation,
who's to save their souls?

Apathy can be the death of us all.
What you read is at best just a brick in the wall.
But the press knows all (like before),
but you won't hear shit from the corporate whores
who dumbed us down 'til our brains are slop.
But the opposition.......it will never stop!

Fuck you all... and your wars!
Fuck you all... and your fucking wars!

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