Bye Bye

текст песни Project Pat

Now only weak nigguhs like to start bullshit'uh
Now only weak nigguhs like to start bullshit'uh
Auto Au Au Automatic when I aim you say bye bye
Automatic when I aim you say bye bye

[DJ Paul]
That was my style as a juvenile
I ran with gangs nigguhs I slanged
But in the meanwhile
I hang with b.a.z rockers rockers on twenty-three chrome
You got your gun on you
I hate it if you done left it at home
Cause six is blasting nice and fast
And better clean your glasses
We quick to sneak
And put you to sleep like a certa mattress
You soft like pussy
So i guess thats why you smell like one
Bitch fuck alone
You better go and get your fucking gun
I'll have you begging for a double dose of percoscent
Your money bank if i touch you
And you dont get wet
We made a movie on you hoes
I know you loved it didn't
You started telling your girl
Man i could of been in it
But you a fuck nigguh
Nigguhs dont fuck with you nigguh
You donny brasco
Need to cali coat nigguh
I'm sick and tired of dissing you hoes on these cd's
I'm bout to start dissing you hoes on my dvd's


[Project Pat]
I'ma start this one off with a toss from mah nigguh Ross
We don't run the rap game
But this city we the Boss
North Memphis South Memphis Westwood Orange mound
Project pat in this motherfucker layin smack down
Crackin down on you punk nigguhs talkin to much gang
Snortin all your dope up claiming that you in the game
False flaggin bitches, i'll catch you outta hell
If forman ass snitches protection fees in jail
What you pay dead body lay once the bullets spray
Round the way with the sk edward norten lay
You gon' pay cause these nine mil'uh mills quick to mop'uh
Wack a snitch off take ya life off the whoppa choppa
Get the choppa put the mask on
Nobody gon' hear knock knock
Get my blast on
All up in your grill
All a nigguh wanted dawg was a piece of the pie pie

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