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[Method Man]
Apocalypse Now
Mind over matter next batter be Tical
Put it on a platter how much uncut
raw shit we dealin wit, murder track what
Slang killin it, touched
You feelin it, in your bloodstream
deadly venemous elixir
Hammer like Sledge that be Sister
All and together now, follow me, the Mista
Meth Candyman, farewell to the flesh
Death come, in the scripture, two-thousand one
Bring the rap arma-gedde-on, let it be known
When you walk up in this Dead Zone
wit all that wack shit, now you know
you dead wrong, one thousand lashes

[Raekwon the Chef]
Detonate that, pussy Massengil rap cleanse that
The kids rank, snatch collars off, while ridin off
Float boat big boys, Oakland A's stashed away blades
Ventilation let the sharks, ani-maze
Somethin sheist like, seven butcher knives, rollin Rover style
twice, finger itchy like lice hair fell out somethin
to conquer, stomp ya like that cat Blanca
Toy Tonka truck ten carat on ya monsta
Ring Rocky like fuck switch sides like water rides
The DAT bubble life preserve the other guys
Now FUCK Y'ALL act wilda
The style wilda than a praying mantis
Chillin like *long inhale*

[Masta Killa]
As my brothers and I reign rebellious, changin
the courses of time, devils no longer exist
as God Cypher Divine, all minds one no question
Now check it...
Perhaps we can go through Lessons
Or might SHOT me a pussy protestin
Comin with that lip professin, you must take
Allah for fool, where's his Jewel
Was he usin Mathematics as a tool?
Tell me, the struggle is God and I came to build
Shit is so real, inside you distilled
Back in the form of mist
You wishin you did the Knowledge before speakin
Seekin, where you went wrong
And why would I bring you such physical harm?

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, mind arson, my squadren, surround the Sound-Garden
Guns for hire plus you under fire and a target
Sniper in the cypher, I, Pied Piper
Move the housing by the thousand, I watched out the Chrysler
Bombs strike ya like the mighty Thor, blast the door

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