Ideas On Living In A Foreign Country - сочинение на английском языке

Thousands of people emigrate annually. For many, living and working abroad for extended periods of time becomes the adventure of a lifetime. Many set off to unknown lands to fill a gap of time in their lives, improve their fluency in a foreign language, meet new and interesting people, and build self-reliance. The reasons for emigration are quite different: political or religious persecution, poverty, awful living conditions, climate and many more. But the fact is that people take the plunge in search of better life. Decent conditions and the opportunity to spend more time together as a family attract them in spite of the threat of being frustrated very soon. However, I'm sure that living in a foreign country can be rather interesting, and yet has its disadvantages also.

The experience can be so powerful, and alter the traveller's way of thinking so greatly, that he can lose his cultural identity. If one integrates into a new society, he or she will almost certainly meet difficulties when they try to readjust later to their own culture. Another potential problem is that one may become a victim of discrimination, and lose their confidence as a result. Since the behaviour and customs of the guests may be very different from those of the inhabitants of the host culture, they may encounter negative reactions - unfriendliness, or even hostility, for example.However, no matter what the reasons are for working or living abroad, you are bound to meet many interesting characters, collect a wealth of tales to bring back home (well, if you are happy to return, of course!) and learn a lot more about yourself.

Any way, I don't approve of living in a foreign country. As I see it, you should work for the country that you were born in, that has brought you up, educated you. That's why I see emigration as somehow unfair. Being homesick can also be a reason. As for me, I wouldn't feel at home.So I guess that saying "Home Sweet Home" has a stronger meaning than meets the eye!

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