Youth problems (2) - сочинение на английском языке

What are the main youth problems? Everyone knows and at the same time noone knows. As sand through fingers - youth problems are always changing. Thirty years ago Johnny Rotten sang " Too many problems oh why am I here, I don't need to be me 'cos you're all too clear, well and I can see there's something wrong with you but what do you expect me to do?.. Problems, problems, the problem is YOU!" The idea of that punk styled song is simple clear. All our failures depend on us. Imagine your life without money, can you do that? No fancy clothes, no fashionable clubs, no entertainments, no troubles. Americans say "No mass - no fuss" in such case. Don't you think teenagers depend on money greatly? They are obsessed on their appearance, they need to be clothed fashionable and in modern style. Some of them, who are lacking money prefer to wear jeans and plain clothes, this is their way out. The fashion industry is based on some youth preferences, there is a kind of business in producing special clothes and accessories for teens, Kira Plastinina, for example. Young try to do their best in getting labeled and fancy stuff, they are really crazy about such things. External life may force out their spiritual life, and that are dangerous circumstances. In my point of view, young should pay more attention to their inside world, to develop their selves.

Another youth problem is mutual understanding in their families. It's hardly believable situation when a teen feel comfortable with his relatives, even in a tight-bonded family. Parents want them to be serious, to study hard and to think about their future, but rare senior could understand teen's tormented soul. In past life grown-ups were the same teens, but they don't remember that state. Our parents were bits, hippies, and they struggled for their personal independence, just like us! But things change, tastes grow differ and differ, and we can't understand each other, we lose the connection. If teens could obey they olds implicitly, that'll be very convenient for the last ones. Liberal seniors are absolute rarities, so teens have to look for common language with their parents in any case. We all know the moral disaster of being misunderstood. Try harder - and you'll make friends with your relatives. Sometimes young fall apart with their families and begin to take drugs, alcohol. That is not the reaction on the emotional environment, that is the reflection of tortured inside world. Drug addicts are spread all over the world, but in their majority they are young people. Junkies are used to hang on with the same disappointed people, sometimes they had to steal money or jewelry from their houses, to get the drug. It is obviously damaged way. Normally up-brought youth avoid junkies, and addicts could not find the way-out of their abusement.

There is the proverb which says " A word can kill, a word can save", everything is up to you and your attitude towards people. I don't believe we can't rescue people surrounding us. There are special rehabilitation centers for junkies, anonymous help is offered for people. So don't lose your chance to be safe and sound, to live long and unforgettable lives, and one day you'll be thanked for your compassion paid to drowned people. "Life is very short, there is no time for fussing and fighting my friend" (Paul Mc Cartney )

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