Marriages - Official or Not - сочинение на английском языке

Nowadays official marriages are becoming less popular and a lot of young people prefer not to marry but just live together.

Those who think that marriages should be official give the following arguments for it. Firstly, they consider official marriages to be more serious, more stable and traditional. Secondly, it's common knowledge that there will be less problems after the divorce, when a couple divides there things and property. Thirdly, it is reasonable to sign a marriage contract before the official wedding to avoid the problems that may occur.

And those who are against official weddings suppose that it doesn't matter if the couple is officially married or not. They don't care about it at all, because the main thing for them is love between a man and a woman and the official wedding only spoils the relations making frames and limiting their freedom. The main idea of those people is that marriages are made in heaven. That means that only God rules people's feelings and knows how long they will stay together.

As for me, I support the first opinion. I think people who made the decision to get married officially had thought out it more seriously and their relationships will be more stable and long-lasting. And the people who prefer not to marry do not want to have any obligations and responsibility.

In conclusion I'd like to say that it is impossible to make people choose an official wedding and forbid them just live together. I think it's their own decision and choice of freedom.

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