The nature and the ecological problem - сочинение на английском языке

I want to begin my conversation with you about the ecological problems. As we know, the Earth is our home. The nature is depends on how we treat it, just as the house we live in depends on how we take care of it.

There are a lot of ecological problems in our world. People make these problems themselves, for example, dirty air from the factories chimneys makes it hard for us to breathe and it can cause illness and even death; the dirty water from factories can kill fish. People have cut a plenty of trees in the forests. But to save our planet and to improve our life we should clean the water, plant more trees, reduce pollutions of air. By the way, if we smoke less, we will save both our life and the life of the nature.

To be healthy we must breathe by the clean air, drink clean water and eat the food without chemicals.

Of course, I can talk a lot of time about this topic. But in conclusion I want to say that for a long time people have used their Earth home without thinking of what was happening to it. Now we see that we must treat it better!

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