My Summer Holidays (3) - сочинение на английском языке

I spent my summer holidays near the sea. I went to Crimea in July. I stayed there for three weeks. I travelled there by train and by bus. We stayed at my mother's friends. They have a house on the beach. My parents took me on an excursion one day. I saw a famous Crimean cave. It had a hall and many galleries. We saw new things and places, the architecture of the old streets and ancient palaces. I took pictures of monuments and castles. It was exciting.

We climbed mountains too. But most of time we spent on the beach, sunbathed, swam and played. The weather was wonderful. It was hot. I swam in the sea all day long. I went fishing and boating. There I made friends with girls from Russia. We played, went for a walk, sunbathed. I hope that next summer I will go there again.

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