Relief of the UK - сочинение на английском языке

The British Islands appeared due to some changes in pressure, atmosphere, biosphere and underwater currents.Icy period gave the 1st rise to the changes: before it this part was a mainland, a lot of scientists proved this fact: remains of elephants were found there and the eastern part of the country is full of chalk cliffs, which are similar to those in the coast of France.England is a real geological museum. The relief is represented by Highlands, Lowlands, deep valleys, plains.The highest parts are in Scotland. North Wales, North of England and the central region of England.The Grampian Mountains stretch Scotland from North to South. The highest peak is Ben Nevis - gloomy, isolated, a home of deer and eagle.At the foot of the mountains there are a lot of moors rich in peat and heather.The geographical border between Scotland and England are the Cheviot Hills, the only place where you can find special species of black-faced sheep. Their wool is of the highest quality and is called "the cheviot".The Pennines stretch England from North to South; they are rich in minerals (such as coal and copper fields, leads, salt, clay, and tin)The Cambrian Mountains are in Wales with the highest peak Snowdon - a place of holiday camps and health resorts.The Chalk Cliffs are on the East Coast of Britain.When Julius Cesar approached the shore, he and his warriors saw the Cliffs that's why thy called the country the White Land.Lowlands are in the central and southern parts of Scotland. The South of England - Kent is called the Garden of England. It is represented by low hills, valleys and planes.

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