School of My Dream - сочинение на английском языке

My name is Daria Kuznetsova. I'm a 7th form pupil. I'd like to tell you a few words about a school of my dream. The school where I study is also quite good but I think several things could be changed there.

First of all, my dream school should be modern and well-equipped with large corridors and light classrooms. If I were a principal of school, I'd buy new chairs and tables. Also the school needs whiteboards with markers or even smart boards. They would look good in classrooms. Smart board is a new technology, which is especially useful for studying.

Secondly, I would cancel homework. It would be better if children could do all exercises during school hours and then be free. I also think that schoolchildren shouldn't carry such heavy rucksacks. They could simply leave their textbooks and workbooks at school library, for example. My dream school should have a large playground and a swimming-pool. I love swimming and I would be happy to have swimming lessons instead of other physical exercises.

As for the dining-room, I would change the food there and would make the breaks a little longer, so that children can eat without running. I would also like to have a more spacious library with lots of interesting books and magazines. In my dream school all teachers are kind, intelligent and friendly. They are in good relationships with pupils. I would like to go to different concerts, exhibitions, picnics more often with my class.

This is the idea of my dream school and I hope that someday schools will become a better place to study.

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