Studying English grammar - сочинение на английском языке

First of all, grammar is a main component of any language in the world. Without grammar, you can't understand, for example, the time of action whether it happened in the past or in the present. So, it has a fundamental role in the language. Really, it is beyond description how much important to know the grammar for the perfect use in every skills of English Language. It's very important to learn grammar which helps in building conversation. Tenses, prepositions, direct indirect, articles and subject verb agreement. Grammar is the platform of learning English.

I think grammar is the foundation of learning English. If you want to learn English effectively, you must learn how to use the words rightly. Therefore, people could understand what you say correctly. Language is a tool.

I think grammar is the most important part to learn in a language. Since you learn it, you get more confident to show off all your other skills. My point of view is that first you have to learn as much as you can on grammar, and then you focus in other skills to brush up on the language. Practicing all the time is the best way to succeed!

by Alexandra Degtyareva.

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