English practise with native speakers in Moscow

  • We invite everyone who wants to practise English with native speakers to join our English discussion club! We meet in small groups, weekly and talk-talk-talk! Only in English! No homework, marks and tests! For details e-mail me albonda@mail.ru or call 8 925 822 82 03 (Alex). We are in Moscow. New participants are always welcome!

  • Hi Alex! I'd like to join your discussion club. How can i do it? My e-mail vervv@list.ru (isq 383431617)

  • Hi Alex! My name is Olga! I want to practise English very much:) Can you tell me more about your club? Where? How many members? Price? sheluhina_olga@mail.ru Thanks!!!

  • Guys, check your e-mails for the answer!

  • Hi Alex! My name is Evgeniya! I want to practise English too:) My e-mail: evgeniya.d@inbox.ru Thanks!!!

  • Hi Alex! My name is Mahmut! I want to practise English too:) Would you please give me information about club and related issues?



  • Hi, Alex!
    Could you please give me the full information about your club? Price, location, members, status...I'd like to join to your club.
    I'm looking forward to receive your reply.
    Thanks, Lena

  • Hello, Alex!

    I also want full information!! plz:)
    my mail soc_332@list.ru

    thanks in advance!

  • I`d like to join in your club! Could you send information, please.

    Thanks in advance!

  • We are glad to announce that in June we'll open German, Spanish and French groups!!!