English practise with native speakers in Moscow

  • Dear Alex
    I have sent to you my message just now and this is my e-mail where you can send to me your answer. Here it is: great.rose@mail.ru
    My regards

  • I am looking for native English speakers to communicate in Skype. I'll help you learn Russian. My level is intermediate
    My interests include traveling, psychology, Argentine tango.))
    My skype: rizhajarizhaja

  • HI
    write me about ur club.Where? when? how do it?
    Thank you)) Mihail_0202@mail.ru

  • i want to know too!!!! my e-mail: madlen_orman@mail.ru
    thanks Alex

  • hi! my name's Mariya, am interested in joining you guys. may bring a friend too. could you email me more info, pls?

  • Elena Алена

  • Hello to all. Can somebody help me to learn english? Or give me advice.... I will wait... Thank's

  • Hey, who wanna speak with me in english, u are welcome. My mail adress is dv1606@mail.ru. Just add me on ur mail agent

  • Hi, I will be happy to communicate with everybody who is interested in English. My name is Valentina and I am 35. Here is my e-mail valentina-viktorova@lenta.ru

  • Hi Alex. I would like to know about your club. Let me know please. (alenka_112288@mail.ru)

    Thank you