English practise with native speakers in Moscow

  • Hi, Alex. It is very interesting to speak english. I have written to you.

  • вы чё совсем я просто задала вопрос как переводится
    could i speak to Lena,please?
    а вы чатетесь!

  • Hello Alex. I would like join to your club. Could you send me the full information on e-mail.
    kind regards, irina

  • Hi, Alex. I would also love to conversate in English, as I don't have much practise in speaking the language now. Here's my e-mail - tomsik@list.ru - and I'd be thakful for details: time, price, location.

  • Where at, Dude? ;)

  • Hey man) Could you send me information to me: e-mail is skate-89@mail.ru

  • Hi Alex! I'd like to join...Would you mind to give some information, Olga(olusy1@yandex.ru)

  • I wanna join! kobzaks@hotmail.com

  • Dear Alex, could you send me infortation about the club? my e-mail: begemot1980@yandex.ru

  • Alex, one more curious person - pls mail me on atemas@mail.ru
    Want to join.