Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

  • Помогите пжлста перевести в косвенную речь (>`,`)>
    1.Jack said, "I have never been to New York."
    2.Nick told his father, "I have lost my book."
    3.The teacher said to the pupils, "Learn the poem by hearth."
    4.The teacher asked Bob, "When did you learn to swim?"
    5.Mary's mother asked her, "Where have you put your shoes?"
    6.The teacher asked us, "Do you understand the question?"
    7.Polly asked me, "Do you want to be an engineer?"
    8.Teacher, "Don't be late for my lesson!"
    9.Sophy, "Why did you go there?"
    10.Bob, "I made no mistakes in dictation"
    11.Phill asked his sister, "Where is my walkman?"
    12.Helen, "Are you seeking me?"

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    1.Jack said that he had never been to New York.
    2.Nick told his father that he had lost his book.
    3.The teacher told the pupils to learn the poem by heart.
    4.The teacher asked Bob when he had learnt to swim.
    5.Mary's mother asked her where she had put her shoes.
    6.The teacher wondered if we understood the question.
    7.Polly asked me if I wanted to be an engineer.
    8.The techer told us not to be late for her lesson.
    9.Sophy wondered why I had gone there.
    10.Bob said that he had made no mistakes in ...
    11.Phill asked his sister where his walkman was.
    12.Helen wondered if I was seeking her.

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  • 1.Mother said to as:"What are you doing here?"
    2."Tom,go to bed,"said his mother.
    3."Don`t cross the street under the red light",said the man to Rich.
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  • Пожалуйста помогите переделать из прямой речи в косвенную вот эти предложения:
    Harry said "I`m going to play chess with you"
    sam said "I have seen her today"
    james said " My mother hasn`t been on holiday this year"
    students said "Our teacher gave us these books at the lesson"
    mike said " I cleaned my room two days ago"
    peter said " They are planting trees"
    mother said " Who has broken this glass?" Пожайлуста мне очень срочно!!!

  • помогите пожалуйста!
    1.Ann told her father: "I have lost my umbrella to day".
    2.Bob said:"I feel very tired".
    3.I told my sister:"I got a tetter from Fred yesterday".
    4.Pate told Kate:"I am leaving tomorrow".

  • помогите пожалуиста из прямой речи перевести в косвенную.
    He said to Ann: "I listened to this opera last year".
    She asked: " When did you hear this news."
    John said: " Go on speaking."
    She asked: " You may do it now."
    She said to him: " I willshow it to you next time."
    He asked:" What are you doing? Are you going to read this book?
    His parents told him: " You must study well."
    He asked: " Are you fond of reading?"

  • Помогите пожалуйста,из прямой речи в косвенную:1.Do i have to pay extra for the stamp? 2.Did you receive any letters for my name?

  • перевести в косвенную речь
    1) Ben: It won t work. Parents can't check what their children are watching on TV in their bedrooms.

    Ben said that __________________________

    He added that ____________________________

    2) Kate: It's a good idea. It may stop children from watching films they are too young for.

    Kate agreed that _________________________

    She added that _____________________________

    3) Brandon: It will be useful for children to know which film to choose. But at the same time they don't have to follow the rule.

    Brandon said that_______________________________

    He also said that ______________________________

    4) Benjamin: Cinema-style rating1 for TV won't stop children from watching what they want.

    Benjamin said that _______________________________

    5) Jason: It might be a good idea. But it may spoil some things for teenagers like me.

    Jason agreed that _______________________

    But he also said that ______________

    6) Linda: With ratings we'll have to be careful too. Bad language and violence are sometimes learnt from these 12-15 rated films.

    Linda said that _________________

    She added that ________________________

    7) Joyce: Young people as well as their parents ought to know what language is going to be like in a TV programme.

    Joyce suggested that __________________________

    8) Ann: There should be both ratings and a password.

    Ann suggested that __________________________

    9) Tom: Films on TV must also be rated on bad language and violence.

    Tom suggested that ___________________________________