Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

  • помогите пожалуйста написать в косвенной речи предложения
    1 he said,"i don't feel well"
    2 she said,"i'll participate in the contest"
    3 they said," we have won the match"
    4 i said,"i didn't watch TV on Sunday"
    5 he said,"i'm training hard for the competitions"
    6 we said,"we can do this work for you"

  • Переведите предложения из прямой речи в косвенную:
    she said: “I like to go to different places.”
    He says: “I am going to visit London next week.”
    I said: “I have never been to Greece.”
    The boy asked: “Please, give me some more sweets.”
    He asked: “Where do you come from?”
    The teacher said: “Children, don’t make noise!”
    My friend said: “I visited San-Francisco last year.”
    Tom asked: “Where are you going, Jane?”
    Jane answered: “I’m going to the theatre.”
    The teacher always asks: “Who is absent?

    помогите, пож-та, спасибо

  • Помогите, пож-та,выполнит задание
    Страдательный залог

    Windsor (21)… (to lie) twenty-one miles from London. If you (22)…(to go) there by train, it (23)…(to take) you an hour. Windsor (24)…(to be) famous for its ancient castle and beautiful countryside. For 800 years Windsor Castle (25)…(to be) the residence of the British Royal Family. The Castle (26)…(to start) by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The surrounding countryside (27)…(to change) little since the time when Chaucer (28)…(to stand) there looking at the country beneath. The most important feature of the Castle (29)…(to be) the Round Tower which can (30)…(to see) from far away.

  • ЗАРАНЕЕ СПАСИБО!!!!!!!!!

  • Помогите переделать в косвенную речь диалог!!!! За рание спасибо!!

    В: Hello you what love writers?
    Ж: I love Tolstoy and Pushkin
    В: And what works now read?
    Ж: Ruslan and Lyudmila
    В: and where you read?
    Ж: in a chair at a fireplace or outdoors
    В: what your favourite character?
    Ж: Ruslan. It courageous and strong
    В: what book should be read to all?
    Ж: I think Robenzon Cruise
    В: Good-bye!

  • здравствуйте помогите исправить предложения я перевела из прямой речи в косвенную и оказалось неправильно помогите переделать)заранее спасибо_
    1)Mother said to me whoL has brouht this parcel.
    2)He said to he where she usually spend your summer holidays.
    3)I asked my uncel how long did he stay in the Crimea.
    4)I asked Boris what kind of book has your friend brought.
    5)Teacher said whot hohe me prepared for today.

  • 2 'I'm starting a new job next week,' she said.
    3 'I got my exam results last week,' he told them.
    4 'I can't afford to buy this dress,' said Sally.
    5 'I would buy a car if I had enough money,' he said to her.
    6 Frank said, 'That's the house where I was born.'
    7 ' That was a wonderful party,' said Jill.
    8 'Oranges grow in hot countries,' the teacher says.
    9 'A lot of people visit museums,' he said.
    10 'This is a very famous statue,' the tour guide told us.
    11 'I don't like that jacket,' said Bob.
    12 'I'm lost,' the boy said.
    13 'I may be a little late this evening,' she said.
    14 'You'd better clean up this mess,' Mum said to Claire.
    15 'I've already done the shopping,' she said.
    16 'I found this note under the sofa,' said Sue.
    17 'I won't be late again,' he said to us.
    18 'If I finish work early, I'll call you,' she said.
    19 'I've been training hard recently,' he told the reporters.
    20 'Shall I make some tea?' said Zoe.
    21 'We must go home now,' said the man to his children.
    22 'Those are the boys who chased me,' Sarah said.
    23 'I'm going to a party tonight,' Lynne told her friends.
    24 'I used to have long hair,' Laura said.
    25 'There is too much violence on TV,' says Grandad.
    26 'You ought to make a decision soon,' Andrew told her.

  • Алена

    Преподаватель прав.Вы сделали ошибку при переводе в косвенную речь. Глагол главного предложения дан в PAST INDEFINITE. Значит, и в косвенном вопросе глагол должен стоять в прошедшем времени, а не в настоящем, как у вас. А посему правильный вариант будет таким:
    The secretary asked what the matter was( what was the matter).

  • Эльза

    1.Mother asked me who had brought that parcel.
    2.He asked her where she usually spent her summer holidays.
    3.I asked my uncle how long he had stayed in the Crimea.
    4.I asked Boris what kind of book his friend had bought.
    5.The teacher asked me what I had prepared that day.

  • Анна Полянская
    1.She said that she liked to go to different places.
    2.He says that he is going to visit London next week.
    3.I said that I had never been to Greece.
    4.The boy asked to give him some more sweets( The boy asked for some more sweets).
    5.He asked me where I came from.
    6.The teacher asked the children not to make noise.
    7.My friend said that he visited San Francisco the year before.
    8.Tom asked Jane where she was going.
    9.Jane answered that she was going to the theatre.
    10.The teacher always asksk who is absent.