Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

  • 1. I asked : have uoy negotiated terms of delivery?
    2.the expert said :it will take you approximately two weeks to assess the effectivenes of the test launch

  • 3. THE MANAGER SAID : our company wants to make an order for 500 cases
    4.The president of company said : last year our company expanded : we doubled the sales, and established a bridgehead for working overseas

  • to Masha
    1.I asked if he (she) had negotiated terms of delivery.
    2. The expert said that it would take me (us) approximately two weeks to assess the effectiveness of the test launch.
    3. The Manager said that their company wanted to make an order for 500 cases.
    4.The president of company said that the year before their company had expanded : they had doubled the sales, and had established a bridgehead for working overseas.

  • 1"Will your mouther make a cake this evening?",asked jane
    2"I must find the money I have lost",he said to Nick
    3"When does the Last train arrive ?",asked the tourist .
    4"Dont talk so loudly ",said the teacher to the students
    5Are you leaving for London today?",asked KAte
    6 "Did you Ring me up last night ?" ,I asked
    7" I shall not be able to help you ", she said
    8 " I did not Kill anybody ",said the man

  • Mike said to his sister:"Kate, give me book back".
    Betty said to her mother, "Mummy, buy me an ice-cream, please".
    Mother said to her son,"Johnny, don't open the box".
    Bob said to his friend,"Dick, don't open the window".
    Alice said to Mike," Have you ever been to London?".
    Jim said to his friend," Shall we go to the cinema?"
    Peter said to his brother,"What are you looking for?"
    Mrs Potter said to her husband,"When will you go the doctor's?".
    Alec said,"I have something to tell you."
    Jane said, "I don't remember his address".

  • Frank said,"we had an ecology class yesterday"

  • Прмогите срочно!!!!!!!! переделать предложение из прямой речи в косвеную!!!
    1)Do not give advice that your teenager does not need!
    2)Provide your teenager with respect and support while giving up some control!!
    3)Help your child to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills!
    4)Prepare your teenager to take care of himself or herself away from home!
    5)Teach him or her to cook and to manage a budget!
    6)Do not be afraid to set limits on how much you financially support your teenager!
    7)Try to be supportive and enthusiastic, even if your teenager ofter changes his or her mind!

  • Здравствуйте.Помогите пожалуйста переделать предложения в косвенную речь.
    1."Will the teacher retirn our exercise-books today?" asked Nick.
    2."My nephew is a very capable young man." said the woman.
    3."Dont move your head." said the doctor.
    4."When does your mother go shopping?" asked the neighbour.
    5."You have not done your work well," said the teacher to me.
    6."Do you often meet my sister at the library?" he asked me.

  • Niсk: Pate, can i speak to Jane?

  • Nick asked if he could speak to Jane.