Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

  • Сашенька
    The young student cried that she had said she would dance with him if he had brought her a red rose but there was not a single red rose in all his garden.

  • 2 I feel sorry that teenagers spend their pocket money on games and cinema rather than on books.I'm happy that my son does not play computer games very often.
    3 I suggest that teenagers should spend their pocket money on books rather than on games.It will be a good use!
    4 It is normal that three out of four boys aged 16-17 are involved in sports outside school.My 16-year-old son has been playing football for his school football team for two years.
    5 It's a pity that only four out of ten girls take part in swimming and keep fit.Last year my daughter took part in a school swimming competition and got second piace.
    6 I'm sorry to say but participation in sports activities falls off when teenagers start to earn money and learn to drive.My daughter will never stop taking part in swimming.This year she is learning to drive and still going to swimming practice.
    7 I am not surprised that British teenagers are interested in clothes so much.Last week my daughter and her friends were shopping for 4 hours and bought a lot of clothes!
    мне нужно это перевести из прямой в косвеную

  • he says, "don't tell a lie,"

  • olga
    He asks not to tell a lie.

  • Герман
    А где здесь прямая речь? Насколько я знаю, прямая речь подразумевает наличие слов автора, а их здесь нет.

  • помогите перевести предложения из прямой речи в косвенную, пожалуйста
    1. He says, "Don't tell a lie."
    2. "Do you hear me?" Jane said.
    3. "I am busy," he said.
    4. " What did you say?" he asked.
    5. "Are you free tonight?" John told Linda.
    6. "Are you all right?" she said to Gregory.
    7. Tom says, "The letter was sent yesterday."
    8. Sabrina said, "I don't know when he will arrive."
    9. He sayd, "When will the contract be signed?"
    10. The secretary asked, "Did you receive our fax, Mr Krutov?"

  • olga
    1.He asks not to tell a lie.
    2.Jane asked if I heard her.
    3.He said that he was busy.
    4.He asked me what I had said.
    5.John asked Linda if she was free that night.
    6.She wondered if Gregory was all right.
    7.Tom says that the letter was sent yesterday.
    8.Sabrina said that she didn't know when he would arrive.
    9.He wondered when the contract would be signed.
    10.The secretary wondered if Mr.Krutov had received their fax.

  • спасибо большое!!!

  • помогите, пожалуйста))

    1."Why can't we go together, Max?" asked Kate.
    2."I saw the film you recommended last night", she said to him.
    3."Let's paint the walls yellow!", said my little brother.
    4.Alex asked, "Do you realise she has started making inquires about you?"
    5."We've just been having a word or two on that subject", said Tom.
    6. She said," I think i know what's behind all this".

  • Ия
    1. Kate asked Max why they couldn't go together.
    2. She told him that she had seen the film he had recommended the night before.
    3. My little brother suggested painting the walls yellow!
    4. Alex asked me if I realised she had started making inquires about me.
    5. Tom said that they had been having a word or two on that subject then.
    6. She said that she thought she knew what was behing all that.